"Forced" to wear panties

Some folks get turned off reading about men who are fond of wearing panties. If you are one of them, then you will want to skip this Blog entry.

As I have written here before, I think spanking and panties go together. I not only like to spank women in attractive lingerie, I like to wear panties before a spanking.

This blog entry was prompted by an exchange with another blogger, one of our few devoted readers.

She commented “Good for you for indulging your desires, do you get spanked over them?”
In the beginning of our spanking days, I wanted to be paddled over pants, then underwear and finally bare bottom. This involved up to 200 or so licks and several paddles.

In the last few years I have become more of a pain slut and I want no protection. But sometimes, Becall will observe that I look so delightful in them that she will give me a few paddle pops with over them. Last week I put on black pair that are truly sheer. She got out the stingy pine wood black paddle and gave me ten or so over the panties, before pulling them down and continuing. It as a nice diversion.

Our regular reader also asked “That sounds like fun actually. Do you feel particularly naughty and sexy when you wear them?
Oh my Yes, I do! I like it best when Becall picks the panties out and has me wear them for a time before she paddles me. Just as she likes me to force her to do some things, I like to be “forced” to wear panties.

We have a few pair of matching panties. They are fun to wear when we are both are to be spanked.

I will not be posting any pictures of me wearing panties, but I will say they are all plain, no lace. Most are nylon with a few cotton for variety.

2 thoughts on “"Forced" to wear panties”

  1. My wife and I haven’t involved panties with my spankings at all. And in hers only because, well, they are the last thing between what’s spanking her and her bottom.We used to switch underwear on occasion though. Wearing eachothers through the day, and when we go back together there was always hot sex before the switch back.Good for you, do what you enjoy, if it gets you hot, do it even more.Mikeaka_ireland

  2. So I see it was indeed my fault. *grins* Only too happy to help stir up a…post. As you know panties are referred to as knickers over here though panties is creeping up, so to speak, into more common usage. Knickers or undies (short for underpants) in Aus and NZ. I appreciate reading about the kinky things that others enjoy and can usually get quite enthusiastic about most whether it is something I want to indulge in or not.Good on you.HugsMina

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