What is she thinking?

Regular readers know that I like to post pictures and ask readers to supply dialog or speculate about what the subject is thinking.

This picture was taken at a spanking party. The activities of the couple on the left seem normal enough. It’s the younger couple on the right that I find interesting. The guy seems bored! There is a half naked woman close by and he is staring at his drink! OK, maybe he is missing a championship game. It is the expression on his partner that makes the picture interesting to me. She seems to be looking at the other man.

What is she thinking?

One thought on “What is she thinking?”

  1. With the way the spanker and spankee are reaching for the other woman, and the look of puzzlement on her face I think it should be something along the lines of her saying, “I know we have time to kill between the service and the reception, but what do you mean I’m next?”lolMikeaka_ireland

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