A hairbrush is the implement most commonly associated with American style spanking. They are a fixture in every household and traditionally most purses. Being so handy, they have lighted up the backsides of misbehaving children. Surveys, say they remain the most popular implement for adult spanking, for either males or females.

Becall and I escaped the hairbrush as kids. Her Mother was a devotee of “go cut a switch” and then having her bend her over her bed and switching the backs of her legs. Ouch!

At home, I also got the switch and occasionally a belt on the legs. I got paddled in every grade first through tenth.

Given this background, I was strangely an aficionado of the paddle and wanted Becall to paddle me and of course, I wanted to paddle her. It took me years to understand that Becall can only enjoy wood once she is warmed up with leather. We did not know about leather until we had been together for 20 years. The Internet educated us.

We tried a few hairbrushes over the years, but none were effective. They were either wimpy or thudy. Becall got a vanity set for high school graduation, which included a hairbrush. It’s not wood or plastic, but some man made material that makes it a 10 on the thud scale. But it is silent and we used it from time-to-time when noise was a concern.

One day, Becall saw a Vidal Sasson brush that looked like it would work. At the checkout, the clerk remarked how good it was for spanking and thought should be used on me. We bantered back and forth for a few minutes and then she must have realized how much she had admitted and sealed her lips.

Let me tell you, this hairbrush works. After it’s first use on her, Becall declared it off limits. And so for years, it was used for brushing her hair. Last year, I had her bring it to me and I whacked her a few times with it, before she said that I should feel it. Lordy, Lordy, was she ever right, that sucker set me on fire. I put it aside for a future play date and told her she should paddle me hard and fast over the knee, just like I was a kid. As you know, she loves me over her knee and she likes to pop me hard and fast and get me wiggling around. So she had an agreeable time and I found out what a bona fide hair brushing feels like. I prefer a paddle thank you very much.

7 thoughts on “Hairbrushes”

  1. Well serves you right for not testing it first…lolI’m a fan of the hairbrush actaully, more sting and less thud than the paddle (at least in my experience) And with my wife not the biggest spanko it’s much less intimidating. We also are fans of the wooden spoon. Which by the way my wife got often as a kid.This prompted me to make a hairbrush size and shape paddle with one added feature. One side is flat like the back of hairbrush, the other side is rounded over like the back of a spoon. Ouch! you can really feel the difference. Love itMike

  2. No arguments here about the effectiveness of the Hairbrush, its the one k always goes for when I've been really naughty. The Paddle hurts more (depends on the paddle I suppose) so its over quicker, but given a choice between grabbing the kitchen table to be paddled and spending quite a bit longer kicking and wriggling over K's knee, I'll take the Hairbrush any time.If you want a his and hers option, try a “modern” wooden hairbrush, like Mason & Pearson, its all wood, but the head is hollowed out for he bristles to sit in a rubber cushion, the lighter head and the rubber (which acts like a shock absorber) make it perfect for the female bottom, plenty of noise, a nice sting and red without marking (much). K tried it and pronounced it not up to dealing with man-sized spanking. Her hairbrush is old style, solid wood with the bristles glued into little holes – much more effective. Sick with the Hairbrush, its popularity for OTK DD is well deserved, and I should know……..R

  3. I love to use the hairbrush because it fits nicely in my hand since I have smallish hands and I can get the spankees attention effectively with it.In short it’s fun and yes I have been on the receiving end and boy does it sting. HugsMina

  4. Hairbrushes are evil! Around my house, the hairbrush is used for a stinging accent after a lovely hand spanking or for punishment. The last spanker who used it on me called it “positively medieval.” No arguments here!pammie

  5. I live in fear of the hairbrush. It is not one of my husband’s weapons of choice, luckily. But it is a major player in my fantasies. Comments like these convince me that I don’t want to feel it for real.cheers!Carly

  6. Being spanked with the back of Hairbrush really sets a bottom ablaze; and a final few excrutiating whacks with the bristle side is enough to turn on the tears of even the most hardened spankee.

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