a reason for wanting to be spanked

I read in the mainstream press that percussive play is practiced by over 40% of Americans. The reason given is that repetitive swats to the bottom excites nearby sexual centers.

Using the word in the British sense, I reply, Right.

Spanking can be delightful; it can elect a warm inner glow, a feeling of floating and more. But, I submit that is not the reason many of us live for it. [Thinking as a bottom right now] Like most of us, I was fascinated with spanking long before I knew that it could feel so good. I was hooked on spanking before I was first spanked. I got the paddle, all through school. And I hasten to inform you not a single paddling was pleasurable – to me anyway. Nevertheless, like you, I looked up all the spanking words in dictionaries and I spanked almost every one of my dates and there were many.

I have lived all my life wondering why spanking is so much a part of my life. How did I morph what was painful punishment into something that became so enjoyable? Why are those schoolboy paddlings most wanted so many years later? I don’t know. But the repetitive swats theory does not hold water for me. I don’t want to be punished, but I want a paddling of sufficient nature that someone that did not know it’s real purpose might term it punishment. If they did not see my stiffie that is. [Grin]

At least the women that want a DD, D/s, HOH. Master/slave or whatever relationship have it in their minds that they want to be spanked when they step over the line. That is some reason. I don’t have one.

How about you? Do you have a reason for wanting to be spanked?

4 thoughts on “a reason for wanting to be spanked”

  1. I guess one good spank deserves another! I’d want to be spanked for pleasure…and, in a disciplinary way....(That’s the first time, I think, I’ve ever revealed that. Oh my! I’m a switch!:)New to your blog. I’ll be back.Let me know if I can link back,k?~x~SinfullyAnon.

  2. Yes, several actually.I love being over my wife’s knee feeling so loved that she is willing to indulge me.I love to feel completely helpless as she arm and leg-locks me in place when she switches from hand to hairbrush.And finally,I look forward to the time when she will take me beyond my comfort zone and gives me a long hard spanking with the brush that will leave me sobbing uncontrolably across her knee which she has promised to do for me one day, but only she will know when that will be. It was my idea I said I wanted to try it to see what it was like.

  3. Well besides the fact that it turns me on like little else does? No, don’t really have a reason. I have no idea what turned me on to it. I wasn’t spanked as a kid at school or at home, but as far back as I remember I looked up spanking everywhere.Giving or getting, it pretty much instantly arouses me. 0 to 60 in 3 swats 🙂Mikeaka_ireland

  4. Gee Mike it sure takes you a long time – three swats! Show me a paddle with intent to use it on me and I am there. Let me get a paddle in mu hand and then see bare female bottom and I am there.

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