This is punishment?

If anything, spanking interests are diverse. Her are the words of two brats who are in DD relationships and what they do to get punished.

He came home with a cane. He told me that I’d feel it the next time I was a bad girl. I was able to behave for almost two weeks before curiosity got the better of me. That first time he gave me six stripes and I cried and begged him to stop, but I never said the safe-word, and I would’ve been severely disappointed if he had relented.

I decided it was time to test his resolve…I teased and goaded and cheeked and bratted and pushed my luck too far….
He decided enough was enough, and spanked me, ….the artillery came out! belt, wooden spoon, paddle…. I was determined to stay the course, and did…so he finished up with a hand spanking that was harder than I could have imagined, along with the lecture; my ass wanted to pack and leave town!
He was wonderful…and psychic, because just as I was about to say the safeword, he stopped and held me tight…I don’t doubt now that he is more than a match for me…. I love that man so much…

We are alike, we are all so different.

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  1. “We are alike, we are all so different”I like this, it is so very true. Can you punish someone who wants to be punished? Why do they come back for more? I think the answer lies in what people get from spanking and related activities more than the actual spanking.HugsMina

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