The day after

Is this the only spanking blog with switches? I find it hard to believe we are the only couple who mutually enjoy recreational spanking. If you know of another blog like this one, please send us a link to it.

Surely there are as many men who enjoy being spanked as there are women who are fond of a hot bottom. However, there are far fewer women who will spank a man than the other way around. Women relish the submissive mode and find it hard to be dominate, even in play, to please a man.

I went to Spanked Hubby the other day. When he started his blog he often had some good artwork. That was then. I see he has talked his wife into meeting other couples so they can share disciplinary practices. I find it rather funny that he has to hide his enjoyment of being spanked behind a punishment façade. I do something bad, she will spank me for it, she will think she has helped our relationship, I will get turned on and get laid.

We do it a bit differently. The other day Becall decided we would have a joint paddling session. I have heard of joint task forces, etc. but this sounded like fun. How did it work out? Pretty good I would say. We both got the spanking we wanted and then enjoyed sex.

Spanked Hubby has a penchant for privacy. Fine. I am trying to fit that with his having his wife take pictures of him buck naked on Lo Jolla beach. We want to see the bare ass and limp johnson of a 60 year old man?

From time-to-time we meet other couples that say they enjoy spanking each other. But when it’s time for my pants to come down, I find she is just going through the motions to please her husband who is getting a fine spanking from Becall. Then I find she is not much into having her bottom spanked either.

In our early marriage, we were playing in the den, which was on the back of the house. It had a double window and double door. We normally did not close the drapes. On this day the drapes were partially open. I don’t recall who was being spanked, but I happened to see our neighbor walking back to her house. She had taken to coming to our back door and must have done it that day only to see one or both of us being paddled. It was never mentioned and I don’t think she ever came to the back door again.

I have often thought what fun it would be for a neighbor to stop by and bend the both of us over.

5 thoughts on “The day after”

  1. Very nice description of your switch relationship with your wife. In our relationship, my wife nothing to do with her bottom being spanked so I settle for a few pats on her behind in return for a good spanking for mine. Oh well, sure beats nothing.And I agree with your confusion over why someone has to disguise there need with a spnking with the excuse it is for bad behavior. Let’s just admit we like being spanked, even if it does hurt sometimes. That’s the point of it!

  2. Well you are definetely not the only switching couple out there, but certainly one of the only ones blogging. And I for one appreciate your hard work.thanksMikeaka_ireland

  3. Hello B&BThe Switching Hour is another switch couple who blog but you are right there are not many at all.I agree, a spanking 'just because' is a perfectly good reason and doesn't mean it won't be hard either. Should I ever entertain the idea of play parties or the like I would happily spank any man who needed it with with gusto and joy. Never spanked a woman so not sure how I would feel about that one, but I reckon I could warm to the idea. I often wonder if I could go 100% as the top but there is something compelling and delicious about having a well warmed and sore bottom.I love the neighbour idea and have a few switch stories on my site where both parties get spanked.Happy spanking.HugsMina

  4. Switching is the most egalitarian form of s&m. Each person gets a fair crack of the implement of their choice. The pretence of punishment is a cultural hang-up that a lot of us can live without.Imagine if the punishment discourse was applied to other sex acts:'If you don't behave, I'm going to lick your clit so much, you'll be seeing rainbows!'or (switching): If you don't start being a good boy, I'm going to smack my lips around your cock so hard, you'll be coming like christmas!'I think you two have one of the healthiest spanko relationships, in the blogsphere.

  5. “The pretence of punishment is a cultural hang-up that a lot of us can live without” Well said JimPerhaps punishment for spanko’s would be no spanking???“I think you two have one of the healthiest spanko relationships, in the blogsphere”Thanks, we appreciate that. Somewhere in this universe there must be others that share our lifestyle. We have met dozens of couples, but none yet that were like us.

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