Be Careful What You Ask For

It has been a month since our last post, so I will do three short versions of recent play scenes to catch up.

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Be Careful What You Ask For

Sometimes my mouth surprises me. It was a special occasion for us and it was all about me. We were talking about what my paddling would consist of. Before I could get my brain engaged, I blurted out that 30 with the batten on my legs and another 30 with our paddles would be about right. As the sentence ended, I thought oh gee, I am in for it now. The session was set for the next day, so I had all evening to think about it.

Becall was looking forward to the session as she was going to give the last few licks over her lap – always her fav position.

At the appointed time, I took off my pants and handed her the batten. She asked me to raise one leg and she brought the batten down on it 2 or 3 times in different places. This was repeated on the other leg. Then she had me turn around and bend over slightly and she popped the back of my legs with the batten. By now, I was aglow. She had me turn around and raise my legs again for more swats on the front of my thighs. She gave me 30 and they burned, but I was also on fire in another way. She rubbed me and let me kiss and fondle her for awhile. Then it was time to bend over and take the Principal’s paddle. I got 20 with it and then I was over her lap for the last 10 – hot and fast. I felt well paddled.


Becall Gets Her’s

A week or so later, it was my pleasure to give Becall a distinctive spanking. We were n an outdoor location that is very extraordinary to us. Plus it is especially private. We took a hike and took turns giving each other bare bottom pops in the late afternoon.

The next morning I took her order for the spanking she wanted. I was to start with the leather strap that elicits plenty of mmmmmummm’s. Follow that with four licks with the batten on each thigh. Then ten swats on her panties with the holey paddle. And finish her off with our stingy red paddle; eight on her panties and eight bare bottom.

She put on her fav red panties and presented herself. I used the leather strap on her panties a hundred times or so. I don’t count. I think she would like it if I paddled her all day with it. She was getting a bit dreamy when I put it down. She sat on the couch and put her heels close to her bottom so I could access her inner thighs with the batten. After each lick, I rubbed her clit with the edge of the batten for a time until she was close to cumming. Then another lick with the batten. She was hot and bothered.

I made the licks with the holey and red paddle go rather quickly as she was getting frantic to get fucked. I told her last licks would really burn, they did ad she loved it.

Becall’s fav position has always been missionary with several pillows under her. She quickly tossed the pillows on the bed, laid down and spread her legs. God was she wet. I did not disappoint her, and fucked her hard and fast, just like she likes it. She came several times in mere minutes. After a few minutes she came back to earth.

My Turn Again

We had not been able to play in six days and I was seriously horny and needy for a paddling. I asked for 20 with the batten and 10 with the Principal’s paddle. I got the batten and a dozen with the paddle. Then she asked me if I wanted two more right away or a rest break with fondling and then another four. I opted for the two! She then gave me a divine hand job.