A Male Bottom’s Fantasy

It is been too long since I posted. We are traveling, seeing old friends and making a few new ones. No, not all share our interest in spanking. I thought I would share a little tale with you – A Male Bottom’s Fantasy.

Well it might also be a fantasy of some women, I can’t say. I have met a few women who have come up with some play scenes that twisted my crank that catered to male eroticism. I have also played with some women who ideas for play were exactly like mine. “Yes, I want you to do me, exactly what you said you wanted to do to me”. There are some areas or times when male and female eroticism seem to blend and blur.

I have written before about how Becall and I feel panties and spanking go together. Becall has three drawers of panties, most bought in the days when we attended spanking parties on a regular basis. By extension, we also both enjoy panty girdles occasionally for playtime. Nothing severely controlling, just a little Lycra to separate the cheeks and make them more appealing. We have noted that girdles concentrate the redness into a smaller circle than if the same paddling were given over panties or bare bottom.

Here’s example of the style of panty girdle we prefer.

Occasionally when we are home, I will find a panty girdle Becall has laid out on the bed for me. I know she has the matching one on. We will do chores or run errands while wearing them. We are always aware of them. In short order, we end the anticipation and paddle each other in our girdles.

I am not sure of where my fetish for girdles comes from. Perhaps, only because I grew up in the tail end of the era where women and proper young ladies always wore a foundation. They may not have needed the control or support, but proper young girls always wore a girdle on dates. I know in some instances they wore them because their mothers insisted they wear them as insurance that making-out did not go too far. I recall two lasses I dated, where everything would come off, except their girdle. We were both nude in the backseat, except for that layer of Lycra.

Or perhaps my passion for panty girdles, derives from the fact that I spanked most of my dates starting about age 14. Almost always, they had on a girdle, so the first, and sometimes the last, swats were over their girdles. Not one of them ever protested about being spanked even when it became a regular feature of our dates.

As much as I thought about spanking as a teen, I was almost 21 before I ever thought about a woman spanking me.

Now, to my little male spanking fantasy.

Bogey has been a smart alek, know-it-all at his new school and the teacher has taken all she can take from him. She calls him up to her desk, gives him a sealed envelope and tells him to take it to the office. He hands the envelope to the secretary, who opens, reads it and looks back at him and tells him to sit on the bench against the wall. She then knocks on a door, enters and returns to her desk without the note and goes back to her work.

Bogey figures he is in trouble and suspects he is in for a lecture about keeping his mouth shut and respecting the teacher. The clock on the wall ticks off the minutes as he fidgets and tries to act normal as people come and go in the office. After 35 minutes, a woman opens the door the secretary had entered and says “Bogey”. He enters her office while she holds the door open and closes it behind him. He is right about a lecture, it’s short. “Miss Becker writes that you have misbehaved all week. She also writes that she has talked with you on three occasions to no avail. She is invoking her right to exclude you from her class, unless your behavior changes vastly and immediately. That will be your decision. My decision is to paddle you for disrupting her class.” She opens her door and calls Becky Swift one of the student office assistants. “Becky, will you please take Bogey to the back room and get him ready to be paddled”.

Bogey’s head is swimming and he cannot say anything, but just follows Becky down the hall. He knows her, she is a grade ahead of him. They ride the same bus to school. She is petite and real cute. She is wearing a pleated skirt and a white blouse, proper, but flirty.

Becky puts a key in the door lock and opens the door and ushers Bogey inside. The room is almost bare, except for the bench in the middle of the room. “You need to take off your clothes, pants, shoes, and underwear”. “What?” “Take them off now, you must be ready before she gets down here”. “You are going to watch?” She smiled, “Yes, I am”. He started fumbling with his belt and zipper and then realized he was developing a bone. He sure did not want to pull his pants down now. He turned away from her and removed his pants, hoping the bone would go away as fast as it had come. “Hurry, you sure do not want to keep her waiting.” He finished removing his pants and slowly pulled his underwear down, his bone catching in the waistband, was pulled down and then slapped back against his belly.

“OK, now lay face down on the bench”. “But, I can’t”. “I have seen those before, now lay on the bench so I can strap you in before she arrives”. He turns and faces her and the bench, but cannot look at her thinking his face is flushed red. He lays down quickly to hide his erection from her.

She buckles straps over his ankles, thighs, lower back, shoulders, upper arms and wrists. He is confined, with his bottom in a perfect position for a paddling. He also notes that his erection is in space, sticking through a hole in the bench. Becky leaves and soon he hears two sets of footsteps coming down the hall. The door opens and Mrs. O’Gara and Becky come in. Neither of them say anything, but Mrs. O’Gara begins unbuttoning her blouse, removes it and hangs it on hook on the wall. She is not small, nor large, probably a size 12/14. Her bra is white and embroidered. While Bogey watches, she then removes her skirt and slip and hangs them on a hook next to her blouse. Now she is in bra and panty girdle, her hose hooked to garters on her girdle.

She opens a cabinet, picks up a wood paddle, taps her palm with it twice, looks at Bogey, moves to his side, raises the paddle and brings it down on his bare cheeks. It stings, but he knows he can take this paddling. He has had a lot worse. After a dozen licks, Bogey notices that she has given Becky a look and a nod of her head. Becky sits on a low stool and takes Bogey’s bone in hand. He is stunned and twists his head to see her. She is smiling and pumping away. Some women give a hand job, with the same excitement of playing with a Jack-in-the-box. They know what is going to happen and grin all the time, then laugh when it pops. Her skirt is necessarily high sitting on the low stool and he can see her bare legs and a glimpse of her panties. She keeps pumping him rapidly and soon enough he is squirting and she is grinning widely. He is starting to think, wow, an easy paddling and a magnificent hand job. Punishment here is not so bad. He hears Mrs. O’Gara heels click on the tile floor and the sound of the cabinet opening. Good, she is putting the paddle away. He figures Becky will start releasing him from the straps.

[Now for all those men who believe that adult spanking can be discipline]

WHAP, Bogey felt a fire in his bottom, he looked at Mrs. O’Gara and saw the wide strap she was holding in the air; he saw the exertion in her face as she pulled the strap down on his bare bottom again. He had never felt such pain. Again and again she slammed the strap down on him. He was pleading, then crying uncontrollably before she stopped. “Perhaps this will persuade you to behave in the classroom, young man. If not, I shall endeavor to strap you harder and longer.” She then turned and put on her clothes, while Becky released him. “Put on your clothes and go stand outside Miss Becker’s classroom. I will be there when the period bell rings”.

The next installment will describe what Miss Becker has in mind for Bogey.

Batten Daze

After Two-Fer Day, Becall had another declaration. At the next session I would get the batten and the session after that she would get the batten. She loves anticipation. And so it came to pass that in three days I was laying face up on the couch and she was applying the batten to my thighs. Each lick got a reaction from me as I could not help raising my leg. She gave my front side ten licks and then I had to roll over and take another ten on the backs of my legs. I was striped front and back. But, I loved it.

Next I was over her lap for ten hard and fast with the eternally stingy red paddle. She had me ready to try to get away by the last lick. She so enjoys paddling me OTK. Someday I may like it too.

The red paddle is our oldest toy. She bought it and put it my stocking our first Christmas. It has been used on the both of us countless times, and on the bottoms of a several other lasses.

Every day after my session with the batten, I would remind Becall that her turn was coming and touch her thigh with batten or give her a light lick over her jeans. Like I said, she loves anticipation.

On her morning, we went through her usual lame and false excuses, and soon enough her jeans were off and she was sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her heels on the couch. Most unladylike! I started smacking her inner thighs slowly and after every four licks I would tap her sensitive parts with the batten until she was almost ready to come and then resume with the batten on her thighs. After she had taken her limit with the batten, she was over my lap for ten with her holey paddle. After that we engaged in some rather frenzied sex.