a Two-Fer Day

This paddling took place about two weeks ago. It was quite memorable and I should have recorded it soon after it happened to capture all the juicy details.

Becall declared it was a two-fer day, that we would paddle each other. This is always fine by me, as I like both equally well. Since the session was her idea I suggested she select the paddles. She picked her fav holey paddle for herself and the stingy pine paddle for me. This paddle is one I have a love/hate relationship with. It warms me up real quick. Ten licks with it and I am struggling to stay anywhere close to in-position. It has no thud, but stings like a bee. This must have been the one I got in school.

She went over my lap and I started in not gentle, but not hard either. Soon she was making “yummy purring” sounds. I don’t really know how many I gave her, about 50 I suppose. Then it was my turn to bend over the bed. She popped me 12 times and I was burning up. Of course, I was also hard as a rock. I took her back over my lap for another round and before long she had two orgasms. Then it was my turn for another 10 scorchers. We then attacked each other in a carnal way.

3 thoughts on “a Two-Fer Day”

  1. Now this sounds like my cup of tea. I am sure you both had enormous fun. Lucky both of you.HugsMina

  2. Dear listener42, I agree we have a good thing going. We have never met or heard of another couple more or less like us. They must out there tho. I should post about how we got together – quite by chance.

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