Adult spanking as discipline – a sequel

As a couple who spanks for fun, I have always been preplexed by the many who say they use spanking for discipline. I have spanked quite a few self-professed brats for their behavior. I often worked up a sweat, left their bottoms glowing red, and sometimes their legs striped with the marks of peach switch. Not once did it do any good. I was the sub, as I was doing exactly what they wanted me to do to them. I would add that these woman had problems that a shrink would love to deleve into.

I am much less an expert on men, but I will venture to say that most men who want to be spanked for discipline act out to keep getting spanked. On some level it is sexual for them. Prima facia evidence is a erection before a spanking. I get a boner each and everytime I am paddled – before, during and after. If I did not, spanking would not hold my interest.

This is from a popular f/m blog. The man gets spanked almost daily. He does not go into the “reasons” for the spankings. But, an adult (or child for that matter) that needs to be spanked almost daily either has some real personality problems or is intentionally doing something to “earn” the spankings.

Suffice to say, that play spankings from Lynn still leave me with an obvious erection, but discipline spankings totally remove the visible physical erection, long before the spanking is finished.

However, if Lynn is then in an amorous mood, the sexual re-awakening occurs rather rapidly. Fortunately for me (and us), almost all spankings result in our making love, either immediately, or later the same day.

Notice that he normally gets laid after being spanked. This is discipline/punishment??

Hmmmm, Hey Buddy, try this, when you need discipline, masturbate before you get spanked. Sure you can cuddle after, but no sex.

I can only conclude that spanking for discipline in such circustances is only done to hide the fact that they really enjoy being spanked.