Something Different

From time-to-time I have wondered how a spanking would feel if I gave the spanker free reign to blister my bottom. From reading this blog, you know I like my paddlings given with hard measured strokes using sturdy paddles. Paddlings not unlike those I got in school. Becall likes to paddle me OTK, hard and fast. It always puts a smile on her face. The licks are not as hard as when she has me bent over as she does not have the swing room, but they are stingers anyway.

Yesterday morning, I got the courage to ask her to take me OTK and paddle me hard and fast. She was more than willing to accommodate me. First she had me put on red panties and think about the paddling. She used our round red paddle first and followed with our round 9ply paddle. The red one is ¼ inch thick and the 9ply is ¾ inch. They both burn and the 9ply leaves a lasting throb.

She gave me about a dozen with the red paddle and I was surprised first that I was able to take the licks so well and also that she stopped before she had me begging.

Without much delay, she asked me to hand her the 9ply and she went to work with it, although more slowly. I suspect she gave me about 20 licks with it. Again, I was surprised that I could take the licks so well.

I mentioned to her that I had expected the second set of licks to be as fast as the first. She said she could correct that and gave me another 10, hard and fast.

We decided to call these Aunt Becall paddlings, so I can ask for them by name. I think the next time Auntie gets me OTK, all the licks will be hard and fast and she will not stop until I am begging and then go on for awhile longer.

One thought on “Something Different”

  1. I wish my wife could do what Becall did to you in this post. But she just won’t. I’ve hinted. I’ve teased. I’ve come out and asked. She just won’t.It’s quite frustrating.We’re not in an F/M or M/F relationship; we use spanking the same way you two do. But sometimes I want what you described. If she never wants to receive that, I’m fine with that decision.

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