Adult spanking as discipline?

I am not putting down anyone’s lifestyle, I just cannot understand those who use adult spanking as discipline while it is also sexually arousing to them. I like to be spanked. It arouses me. It has nothing to do with discipline. It’s all fun.

Many women and men hide their desire to be spanked behind a supposed need for discipline. I am going to focus on men, as sexually arousal is so evident with us. I just cannot buy into a spanking being punishment when the man is erect and when sex follows the spanking.

After I climax, my interest in sex and spanking is extremely low. That would be the time to punish me. I wonder how many men who need discipline would take a spanking after they climax?

3 thoughts on “Adult spanking as discipline?”

  1. I think your observation is correct. Although I have no experience with disciplinary spanking I believe the proponents would say that if you are aroused after a spanking it was not a disciplinary spanking. The Disciplinary Wives Club makes it clear that there is nothing sexually arousing about a proper spanking.

  2. Completely correct. Spanking turns me on too. A lot!But when I need discipline, which is rare fortunately, my wife has me jerk off before the caning. It makes me hate the caning, which is very painful then.

  3. If it works for the couple then it’s a positive action in the marriage. I can think of alot of things that destroys marriages. You do not read alot about these marriages falling apart, they seem to work because the couples stay engaged with each other. The women make sure of that. My wife keeps my butt red.Dustymarbles

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