Our Anniversary

We had our anniversary last week.

First, I gave Becall a long and thorough paddling with her favorite leather paddle, the one that makes her moan with delight. She looked good in her panties decorated with wrapped presents and her bright red bra.

She loves to paddle me OTK, my least fav position, but it was Christmas so wearing the boxers with Santa going down the chiminey on both the front and back of them, I went her over lap and she applied the stingy red paddle to Santa. That always makes her smile.

We then got out our batten – like a long wooden ruler. I gave her eight on the inside of her legs and she gave me about a dozen on the front and back of my legs. It stings like an electrical shock, but we both love it.

Then as only switches would do, we each gave the other half of the licks celebrating the many years we have been married. These licks were applied on our bare bottoms with our Santa spoon – large, heavy and stings.

We were both overly stimulated by then and made several shapes of the beast on our bed.

Spanking Weekend

An out-of-town couple drove to our home last Friday. We enjoyed catching up with them and engaging in a little play before bed. The next morning, we all drove a little north of here to spend the rest of the weekend with another couple in their fine new home.

As usual when we get together with our spanking friends, we do more eating and talking than spanking. This weekend was no exception. Quite enjoyable.

Before we parted ways we made plans to get together in a warmer climate next month.

Her Turn

Yesterday was her turn. She likes a day to anticipate a spanking. That really gets her hot, this time was no exception.

I about melted when I saw her. She had on matching floral print bra and panties and her pearls. She was also properly submissive. I should have taken a picture.

I had her sit in the wing chair in the bedroom and knelt in front of her with the batten in my hand. This position allows her to hold her legs up and apart and gives me excellent access to the inside of her thighs. I also apply the licks slowly while she watches. After every few licks, I tap her sensitive spot with the batten until she is about to come, then stop.

After a dozen or so on her thighs, I had her bend over the bed and applied her favorite holey paddle over her panties. Six light licks, followed by six moderate licks. Next, I asked her if she would take six with a myrtle wood paddle she bought that she has a love hate relationship with on her bare bottom. It’s turn on for her be asked to submit, so of course she said yes. I was hot myself as I lowered her panties, had her bend back over the bed. I administered six moderate licks, which got her bottom red hot.

You know what happened next.