My bottom is sore

It has been awhile since we have posted. All is well and the spankings continue.

Yesterday, we went panty shopping and got three new pair, peach, pink and red.

Becall was a bit snippy this morning, she felt bad about it and brought me her hairbrush when she got out of the shower, still damp. Six stingers improved her attitude – a lot.

Later in the morning, after I had showered and we both had on new panties, it was my turn. I admit I was feeling needy and she accomodated me.

I had asked for a hand spanking, not something that we normally do. But it felt good. I told her that if she wanted to use the hairbrush on me, today would be a good day. She upped the ante by wetting my bottom first. She lay on a dozen or so and it made me recall that Vidal Sasson makes a mean hairbrush.

We kissed and fondled for a long time. She stroked my erection through the panties.

Next it was the batten on my legs, eight on the front and an equal number on the back of legs. I danced. What a pain slut I am.

More stroking and fondling ensued.

Finally, she gave me ten with a light paddle, and another ten with the Principal’s paddle. We finished the session off with a little of the ole in and out.

My bottom was still a little sore several hours later.

A great day!