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My turn at the altar

The last time we were able to play was last Saturday, when I set Becall’s bottom on fire. We have been overbusy since then. This morning, we were alone and she toasted my bottom, butt good.

She told me before she ran an errand that she was going to paddle me when she got back and she named the paddles she was going to use. It sounded good to me, so I helped her. I not only got out the two paddles she named, but feeling bullet proof, I got out three more of the heavy artillery, five in all. When she got back and saw what was on the bed she was delighted and proceeded to put them all to good use.

She decided that six licks with each paddle would about right and she got busy setting me on fire. She paddled me with two wood paddles, then a leather slapper that has a steel enforcer in it. I not only got six licks on the bottom with the slapper, but two licks on the legs!

In between each set of licks, she rubbed me, while we deep kiss and I caress her all over. This gets us both in the mood.

The next paddle is our most lethal. It’s made of 9mm plywood and produces a deep burn. This one ensures that you will feel well paddled for a few hours. The final paddle is light, but burns the surface of the skin like nothing else we have. She decided I would get eight licks with the last one. It’s one of her favorites to give, as it makes a loud crack and as usual she made each one of them count. I was able to stay in position for all of the swats and told her it was another great session.

And you know what we did next.

Saturday Morning Play

Yesterday, Becall said she could use a good spanking. I am always eager to oblige. As it happened, I had downloaded an old video that we both like titled “Uncle Wayne Woodshed”. The lead girl has a serious mouth on her and we like that. Uncle Wayne uses a good size strap on his nieces bare bottom with vigor. That got me to thinking. So I rummaged through the toy bag to find some implements that had not been used lately. I found a hard leather strap that was given to us by a friend. Becall was making French Toast and I bent her over the island to remind her of how the strap felt. It had the desired effect, she was now trying to talk herself out of the spanking. Fat chance.

Another paddle she has not felt in years, The Sheriff’s Paddle from the makers of Uncle Wayne Woodshed” was taken from the toy bag. It looks like a frat paddle, but is made of light wood and has many holes. It’s a little stingy, but not bad. It makes a swoosh sound when swung. I laid the strap, Sheriff’s Paddle and a crop on the bed knowing she would see them and went about my morning activities. After making her wait an hour, I found her ready, but reluctant, but got her in the bedroom and pulled out some more toys. Her fav strap and paddle, plus a pig slapper that had not been used in many months. The sensations were going to be different today and I resolved to make it memorable.

I started with her fav strap, that was made by a friend. It has soft leather on one side and stiff leather on the reverse side. She can tell the difference in a flash. I warmed her up with a hundred or so licks, all with the soft side. Next I used the pig slapper and this got her attention. Marvelous! So I continued.

I had her stand to take the crop. May I say our crop is the real deal, made for horse flesh. I use it slowly and stop every few strokes to tap her more delicate parts with the tip of the crop. This generates a lot of ass wiggling, which leads to more strokes.

While standing I gave her six with the Sheriff’s Paddle and then removed her panties to finished her off with six from her fav wood paddle. I must say her bottom was redder than it has been for a month or more. I had resolved to not be as lenient on her as I have been of late and I did.

Then we made the double backed monster for quite a long time.

Play Time

I doubt many will find either the factual or fantasy stories posted here to be “hot”, but it’s the best I can do. Perhaps, Becall will feel compelled to post sometime soon? This little story has been played out many times. If you like it, send us an email.

A few times, over the years, we have been able to add another woman to our play. This has always been everyone spanks everyone. Of course, I like to watch the F/F spanking. And I like to spank the both of them. One watching the other receive what she knows she will be getting shortly from me. We have always ended those sessions in bed, with me in the middle giving them simultaneous digital stimulation. I think a moan from one intensifies the experience of the other – one budding orgasm feeding the other.

Being an only child, I admit I especially enjoy it when the paddles are turned on me. They have always taken turns paddling me. While one paddles my backside, the other may be stroking my front side. It’s not long until the pain has muted into a sensual, sexual realm and I only want more. Some of my most intense orgasms have been with me standing between them and both of them fondling me, a finger pressed on my anus, my balls cupped and two hands on my jade stalk. After climax, it is all I can do to remain standing, as it feels like my bones have melted.

My thoughts

There are a lot more bottoms, both males and females than there are tops. Tops of either gender are rare and in great demand.

True switches are almost as rare as true tops. Most male switches will morph into bottoms given the chance. Most female switches are doing a favor, desiring to please, more than being into topping.

Play Time

We both like to be told the day before that we are going to be paddled the next day. It gives us something to think about and anticipate. Our favorite time to play is in the morning, when we are rested and not in a hurry. We talk about it and then take our showers and get dressed for play. I normally put on some attractive underwear and a t-shirt. She dons one of her sexy bra and panty outfits. We may talk or read some more, delaying what is coming and boosting the anticipation level.

What’s ideal for me
Over the years, we have found that a dozen or so licks with a heavy paddle, followed by another dozen or so with a stingy paddle puts me in a euphoric state.

What’s ideal for her
A long warm-up with my hand, lightly used, with lots of massaging of her bottom and back. This is followed by several leather toys, belts, straps, paddles and crops. By the time, I finish with the leather goods, Harriett is moaning and wet. I then use her favorite wood paddle, a small one with holes. After a few dozen swats with it, I finish her off with several licks from a really stingy paddle. We have two that she has a love/hate relationship with, one we simply call the red paddle. The second paddle is made from myrtlewood. Both burn.

Then and now – the dreaded switch

The worst of the punishments I got as a kid were from my Mother when she decided to use a switch. It did not matter which way I turned to escape the switch, any place the switch landed on my legs worked just fine as far as she was concerned. She held one hand of mine and I was free to twist anyway I choose. It was scary.

All through my adult life, I never wanted to experience a switch or a cane. That is until one woman insisted I take some cane strokes and she put some of them on my legs. They burned. It was like an electric shock. I endured it.

A few weeks later, I was surprised when I started day-dreaming about being caned on the legs again. I got the nerve to tell Becall and she obliged me. I now find it delicious.

I purposely turn to get strokes on the front of my legs. What a pain slut I have become.

After the caning, my bottom is untouched, ready for the paddle.

And the really good part is, I am erect from start to finish.

It’s not punishment, don’t bring Mom into this

I do not need or want to be scolded. My ideal spanker is one who is gleefully sadistic. One who smiles and tells me that she is going to burn my bottom up and then proceeds to do just that. She takes pride in hearing the paddle crack forcefully squarely across the meaty fullness of my ass cheeks. She does not flinch when I react to the pain She is firm and ensures the session is business like. But she also has a sense of humor. It’s breathtaking to hear her to tell me to assume a novel position and not to move until she tells me I can.

What makes it work for me

1) The top’s demeanor. “Professional” and cordial. I am going to light your bottom up, I am going to enjoy doing it and I see no reason to project anything other than delight while I attend to you.

2) Appearance. Most any outfit works for me. What would not work would be very casual attire such as sweat pants. A skirt is good. A glimpse of stocking tops is great. I admit the clicking of heels on a hard floor adds excitement.

3) Words. The discussion of what is to come, orders to assume a position, etc. speaking to the mind makes up most of what is going on.

4) I like it short and sweet. Not that many licks, but hard ones, with serious paddles that push me. 15 to 30 licks are enough.

5) No warm-up and all on the bare bottom.

6) In a bent over position please. OTK is punishment to me. Over a low table, a chair, a bed, on my knees. Heck anything, but OTK.

I am a pain slut, what do I mean by that?

I got paddled in almost every grade from the first to 10th. I dreaded it every time I was sentenced. They “broke me down” almost every time. So, it’s curious that in adult life I want to relive anything like my childhood punishments.

Of course, it’s not punishment at all now, rather pure hedonistic pleasure. When I first started out taking paddlings as an adult I wanted long sessions with lots of licks – first over my pants, then shorts and finally bare bottom. Always starting with a light paddle and working up to a serious one.

It was in later years that I became a pain slut, wanting a serious paddle used full force on my bare bottom right from the start. 20 or 30 licks with a serious paddle comes close to my limits and duplicating the warmth in my rear of all those school sessions, except without fear or tears. Now instead of it being a supreme effort to comply with “bend over”, I now happily present my bottom in the best position to take my licks.

I learned that warm-ups allow the endorphins to dull the pain. I want the pain. I want to get my licks before the endorphins have time to mitigate the sting. I want the paddling to be hard and always on the bare.

You might think that such a paddling would not be sexually stimulating. I admit that in the early years hard licks would cause my erection to fail. Now I sport a rigid member from start to finish.

I know others can take more licks, just as hard as the ones I get. But after the endorphins kick in and the sting stops, I have no interest in continuing. I would rather take 30 licks one day and another 30 the next day, rather than 30 stingy ones, followed by 30 I cannot feel.

That’s what I mean about being a pain slut.