Those Iron Bottom Maidens

Free advice, worth exactly what you paid for it.

There are some women, men too, for which too much is not enough. We all want to be satisfied that our spanking was enough no matter how hard or how long we may like it. Spankers don’t like to disappoint the iron bottom lasses whose will and backsides require extra effort.

The first time I spank a woman no matter how detailed she may have been before we get started, I always check in to see how she is fairing with a simple question. “Tell me the truth, am I spanking you too hard?” They always answer “No”.

Another thing I do is say “That was a 6 on a 1-10 scale, should I go up or down”

The next time, I have a much better idea of how to spank her. If she falls into what I term the Iron Bottom Lass category, there are two “tricks” that may make the spanking stand out in her mind. Neither is widely practiced, so it may well be her first experience with it.

Yeah, I Can Take More

One is rubbing mineral oil on her bottom. Any oil might do, but mineral oil is orderless and does not stain bedclothes. I give a hand spanking and then rub the oil on. She may think the spanking is over and may feel disappointed. That notion will quickly disappear when I resume with a wood paddle. I can not account for the physics of it, but the sting factor goes up by at least a magnitude. I can almost guarantee wiggling and vocals.

Water is also good, but I find it needs to be replenished after every lick. A spray bottle just can not stay up. What to do? I found that by sitting on the side of a tub with my legs inside, her OTK and the spray aimed at her bottom, the licks really count. You will get wet, the bath will get wet, but she will remember the spanking for some time. You could get the same effect in a shower made for two.

It’s Saturday

Peggy Noonan writes:

You’d think the president would take his winnings and go home, because he had them. He outperformed polls and exceeded his 2016 vote total by more than 10 million. For one brief shining moment, on Nov. 3, he’d finally expanded his base to almost 50% of the electorate. He found new sources of support.

Imagine if he’d acted even remotely normal in his first term, if he’d had the intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources to moderate himself, to act respectably. Heck, imagine if he’d worn a mask. He might have won.

If he were clever and disciplined, he’d do it differently. He’d accept the election’s outcome, if not graciously at least with finality, go home to Mar-a-Lago, play golf, and have fun torturing his party by plotting his return. “I’ll be back.”

Instead he leaves behind real and politically pointless ruin.

Cheap Shots

It’s not working that well

Spankable Bottoms

Just a few highly spankable bottoms for your viewing enjoyment. Please take care to not objectivize women who choose to give you a little thrill. They have been doing it since they were 12 or so.

In free fall position


Formal Attire

Wonderful Shape

One of the many talents of women is knowing how to accessorize. The pumps certainly add interest to the picture

For the word police


Where might Trump voters have got the idea that a president was illegitimate?

Two articles by different authors on the same subject

by Bill McGurn for the WSJ

“Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end.” So spoke Joe Biden Saturday night in a speech that was as much a call for unity as a celebration of victory.

If Mr. Biden means it, he will need to show it. He might start by stating that there’s no place in his administration for anyone who joins in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s call for a de facto blacklist of Trump supporters. This might upset some of Mr. Biden’s supporters, but that’s leadership. It’s essential even if Mr. Trump and some of his supporters make it no easier by insisting after the litigation is exhausted and the results certified, that Mr. Biden hasn’t been legitimately elected.

Wherever would Mr. Trump and his supporters get such an idea? Maybe from those who spent the past four years undermining the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

Here’s Hillary Clinton from September 2019, nearly three years after her defeat: “He knows he’s an illegitimate president. I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories, he knows that there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did.”

Or Jimmy Carter in June 2019. “There’s no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election. And I think the interference, although not yet quantified if fully investigated would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.” Asked if that meant he regarded Mr. Trump as an “illegitimate president,” Mr. Carter said yes.

In January 2017, Rep. Jerrold Nadler said he was boycotting Mr. Trump’s inauguration (along with one-third of his fellow House Democrats) because, though the president was “legally elected,” he wasn’t “legitimate.”

During impeachment, another effort to reject the 2016 election, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House had no choice but to act because Mr. Trump was “trying to corrupt, once again, the election for his benefit.” Not to mention the ridiculous attempts to paint a candidate who attracted more minority votes than any Republican in recent history as a champion of white supremacy.

Mr. Biden piled on with the rest of them. In the first debate he called Mr. Trump a “racist,” building on his earlier claim that Mr. Trump was America’s first racist president. During a May 2019 campaign stop in New Hampshire, a woman came up to Mr. Biden and said Mr. Trump was “an illegitimate president in my mind.” Mr. Biden’s response? “I absolutely agree.”

These aren’t MSNBC hosts or activists. They are Democratic Party leaders. Frankly, it would be difficult to find a prominent Democrat who didn’t accuse Mr. Trump of being an illegitimately elected president. It’s no coincidence the president’s critics styled themselves “the resistance.”

Those Trump supporters who are sure this election has been stolen—are they any different from the 33% of Hillary Clinton voters who, according to a poll taken immediately after Election Day 2016, said they didn’t believe Mr. Trump was legitimately elected? And might Trump voters be a little skeptical about demands for evidence from the same people who spent years accusing Mr. Trump of being a Russian agent without any evidence whatsoever?

Right now the president is demanding recounts and holding off conceding until the litigation has concluded and the results certified, which is his right. But if the result still goes against him and he responds by boycotting Mr. Biden’s inauguration or insisting he was cheated, it won’t go well for him. One look at Hillary Clinton, still sadly refusing to concede she lost in 2016, should tell him that.

But what fate has in store for Mr. Trump is less important for America’s future than what it holds for his voters. More Americans cast their votes for Mr. Trump than for any presidential candidate in American history—except Mr. Biden. Over the past four years, this half of America has been treated as the deplorables that Mrs. Clinton called them, with MAGA hats regarded as the 21st-century equivalent of white hoods.

It isn’t over, either. At the same moment Mr. Biden is being applauded for his Lincolnesque call to come together, Michelle Obama, in her own congratulatory message, reminded Mr. Biden that millions of Trump voters chose to support “lies, hate, chaos, and division.” Mrs. Obama appears not to have got the memo about not demonizing people on the other side.

Mr. Biden’s words on Saturday were exactly what the country needed to hear. But if the 71 million Americans who voted for Mr. Trump are to be reconciled, they will need to be persuaded. And for this to happen, Mr. Biden will at some point need to acknowledge the seeds he and his supporters sowed to help bring us to this bitter harvest.


by Victor Davis Hanson

Voting sanctity was not just questioned by Trump. It became a recent issue in 2016. Then-Green Party candidate Jill Stein was used as a surrogate by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment — to the chagrin of her own supporters — to sue in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to overturn the 2016 election. The charge was deliberate voting-machine irregularities, for which there was not even much anecdotal evidence.

When that failed, the Left went full Hollywood with a media blitz to convince the American people that the election was a fraud and the electors had to do their “patriotic” duty to overturn the mandates of their own state — and reject Donald Trump.

Within days of that failure, a Democratic narrative appeared that Donald Trump was an illegitimate president due to “Russian collusion.” Soon Hillary Clinton joined the “Resistance,” on the basis that Russians, not the American people, had chosen the president — a charge that eventually sabotaged Donald Trump’s first two years in office, as Robert Mueller’s 22-month, $40-million “Dream Team” failed to prove that a myth, born in efforts to delegitimize an election and a president, was after all a myth.

Indeed, within days of Trump’s inauguration, dozens of Democrats voted for impeachment, as activists wrote about the need to either impeach him, or declare him crazy — or whispered about the need for the military to become vigilant — in a manner later to be dubbed “coup porn.” Again the pretext was a false charge of Russian collusion that had delegitimized the voting.


Girdle Spankings

I grew up with Nu-West. Ed Lee knew what I liked. OK, the whips were a turn-off, but most of his pictures and films appealed to me.

This is a classic Nu-West picture. I love my spanker to be in a panty girdle. I am not a fan of the cane, so this would be better for me if she had a wooden paddle in her hand.

Like this, but I prefer a panty girdle. Some folks just can not be pleased.

Love this picture

Like long-distance calls, girdles are mostly just a memory.


Modern Spankings

Edit: I scheduled this post two weeks back. At that time, Veterans Day was not on my mind. I was a safe non-combatant. Remembering the pilots I stood watch with that did not return to the flight deck. And Happy Birthday to the Marines.

Modern Spanking was the first spanking publication I bought from an adult book store. It’s by Will Henry. I have read it over a dozen times. The section on couples spanking each other was my favorite. I knew then that switching was for me. Now all I had to do was to find a partner.

Here’s a story I posted back in 2010 from the Marital Spankings section.

All of Henry’s stories were written in a documentary style. Or as the 1969 preface of Modern Spanking says “ published as a sociological treatise on contemporary morals….” This was done, I suppose, to escape censorship.

The chapters of Modern Spanking cover all forms of who spanks who: Spanking in the Home Today, Feminine Control Over Discipline, The Adolescent’s Introduction to Spanking, Spanking and the Adult Woman, Marital Spanking and Family Spanking. The story reproduced here is from Marital Spanking. It’s a simple boy meets girl, boy spanks girl, girl spanks boy and they live happily ever after.

At 22, I wanted exactly what the fictitious couple, Ed and June, in the story had. I read it enough times to make it come true as it did when I met Bacall two years later.

There is a long prolog to this section of the story that I did not ask Bacall to type. It involves Ed’s seeing sorority girls paddled and June’s sorority paddling sessions at the college where she meets Ed.

“Our own paddling activities didn’t commence sometime after my initiation into the club. One evening when we were kidding around in his car, he playfully turned me over his knees for a few smacks on the seat of my skirt. It stung nicely and I think he was a little surprised by my ardor afterward. When he remarked that he ought to paddle me more often, I didn’t discourage him. While it was embarrassing and did hurt a little, it was exciting and very stimulating.

After this, he began warming me up on all of our dates prior to our necking sessions. I cooperated completely and started wearing garter belts instead of girdles on all our dates. At first, all the paddlings were given over my skirt, but I knew that couldn’t last forever. By this time, I might explain that we were quite serious about each other and talking about getting married after we finished school.”

At this point, Ed broke in with an explanation. “Of course, I could hardly wait to get her skirt up, but I didn’t want to spoil things by rushing her too much. However, one afternoon after school when we were alone at her place, I told that it was time for the skirts to come up. She got very red in the face but protested only mildly as I took her over my knee. My heart was pounding as I began working her right-fitting skirt up in the back. Up it came over the tops of her brown stockings, revealing plump white thighs and finally trim pink panties covering her nice bottom.

She was embarrassed to death, but I didn’t overdo that first session with my hand applied directly on the panties. However, after that, it was the standard procedure for June’s skirt to be pulled up before the spanking. Of course, it wasn’t long before I had designs about getting the panties down, but she firmly told me that that would have to wait until after we were married. I didn’t argue as the sight of seeing her over my lap with her skirt up to reveal panties, garter belt and long legs in stockings was thrilling enough.

We had been dating about a year when the next development occurred. One afternoon June playfully told me that sometimes she out to give me a taste of my own medicine. Ever since I had seen the hazing sessions in our basement at home, I had often wondered what it would be like to be paddled by a pretty girl. However, I hadn’t dared bring the subject up with June, as we had always more or less pretended that I was the boss and I didn’t want her to lose respect for me. When she suggested it, I didn’t refuse but sort of dared her to try. She brought out her subdeb paddle, remarking that it would be pointless to try to spank a boy with her hand.

With her paddle wrapped in some papers, we drove out to a secluded area where we often parked. Since there wasn’t enough room in the car, we got out and June told me to bend over and grasp the front bumper. She deliberately acted very bossy as she put the paddle to me. Even through my clothes it stung smartly but in a very stimulating way. I was surprised and quite a bit embarrassed by the reaction which I couldn’t conceal when I straightened up afterward.”

June continued with an explanation. “I pretended not to notice the big lump in Ed’s pants afterward, but I was delighted. In the car afterward, I told him that from then on he was going to have to take his share of the spankings. He didn’t argue as it was obvious that this is what both of us wanted. Through the remained of our courtship, we took turns warming each other up. We rarely had a date when Ed didn’t get the paddle and I didn’t get the hand on my panties.

With this spanking background, we could hardly wait to give each other a bare bottom initiation on our honeymoon. On the first night at the motel, I promptly went over Ed’s knees and blushed hotly as my skirts were lifted and panties lowered to the knees. I nearly melted as he gave me my first hand spanking on the completely bare bottom. Afterwards, when I was down to my garter belt and hose, I initiated Ed. The sight he presented as I lowered his shorts for him indicated that things would be very interesting later one. He bent over the side of the bed and I showed him what the paddle felt like on the bare bottom.

With this beginning, spanking has been a regular part of our life. We use it both for erotic foreplay and settle quarrels. Normally, both of us get a good dose of our sessions. Unless we are in a hurry, we go through the routine of preparing each other for the spanking. I usually strip him completely and he peels me down to garter belt and stockings. These days I get the paddle in addition to his hand, and neither of us stops until our bottoms are afire.”

Couples Spanked Together

My number one fantasy that I did not completely fulfill is Bacall and I being spanked together by another switchy couple. Well, we did swap paddlings with three couples. But. They all asked me how we should do it and me being me laid it out without considering a few things I should have. I should have let the girls decide how to go about it. It was great fun, but years later I came up with the idea of our being paddled standing side-by-side or better over a table facing each other. That would have been so much better. Hindsight.

I recently wrote about Sue paddling me. It was Sue and her husband Russ, Bacall and I that all got in the same room and paddled one another. It was good fun, but in hindsight, it could have been handled better if I had let the girls handle it.

What’s different about the couples spankings I talk about here are that everyone spanked and everyone got spanked and by their partner. There was no punishment aspect to it, just fun.