Bra Spankings

Well, isn’t Bra Spanking an odd title? So I will open the week with something odd.

This first picture has been on my computer for almost two decades. It’s not that sexy is it? Why do I have it? I think I was drawn to it as we had a popup camper for a time. And we both got paddled in the great outdoors. I sure wish I had taken even one picture on those trips. Back in the days of film.

It’s obviously an amateur picture. The best kind, I think. It shows her bottom a light pink. She is young, 20-something I would guess. Perhaps the picture represents the charm and innocence of youth? That could be Bacall holding on to the tree. She has a thing for trees.

The other reason is that her bra strap is somehow appealing to me. Yes, I know that is weird. This is a self discovery I have made in my old age. I have always been drawn to small breasted women – B or maybe C cup. Small breasts are just as sensitive as larger ones to licks, caresses and pinches. They have the advantage of less sagging due to the natural aging process.

I looked through my pictures and found several that feature less endowed women taking or giving a spanking while wearing a bra. So I have had this fetish for a long time, it was just made clear to me recently.

There are times, that bare breasted is less appealing to me than wearing a bra. So revoke my male certification. In my spanking days, getting her bra off was never a thing with me. There was no reason for her bra to be off to be spanked. Some men think it adds humiliation. I don’t think anyone I spanked wanted to be humiliated. I sure never wanted to humiliate anyone.

Spanking was never a peep show for me. I could care less about her “parts”. I focused on spanking her. I watched how her body reacted to ever lick. Was there an involuntary muscle tremor? Did her head come up? Did she vocalize? Etc.

This one of girl spanking girl is equally appealing to me. Again small breasted. I think I might like this picture even more if the spankee had on a bra.

I have had the pleasure of seeing a few girl spanks girl scenes. Bacall was the spanker in a few of them. Have to say, the girls never held back.


In this girl spanks guy image, she has on a more substantial bra than the previous ones. The guy has his gossamer panties pulled down. [You know even thin panties provide protection from the sting of the paddle] I am not sure why she is holding the paddle like she is. It’s going to take some wrist action to get it flat on contact.


The next two are long time favs. They are from a series of a pro spanker giving the guy a long paddling. [In Atlanta, I think] Yeah, it’s her bra that makes it for me.



If one girl spanking a guy is good, two is four times as good.


The next four pictures show girls trying to look intimidating.


The next one shows no indication of an upcoming spanking. But I sure would like to be paddled by her. She looks like a lot of fun to me.


Two small breasted girls getting what for.


Motel room bondage fun. Love her enigmatic smile.



You think the blonde with her tongue out might enjoy a good time? You think the girl gripping her might know what kind of fun she likes?


I don’t expect any comments that anyone else that shares my unusual fetish. So it was an odd post, but that is standard fare here at OBB. Hope you enjoyed it.

If you want to know how Dallas (spanks hard) got into spanking listen to the podcast Never Too Old For Agoodspankin

Another Saturday

You have to give the Dems credit. They are doing what they do best – spending money. This time on a scale never done before.

The details are coming out on what the 2 trillion is for. The most used word is infrastructure. That is NOT what most of the money will be used for.

Mr. Buttigieg is one of the five cabinet secretaries the president has designated to sell the $2 trillion infrastructure bill to the American people. In an interview last week, he declared “there is racism physically built into some of our highways,” and that this racism was a “conscious choice,” not “just an act of neglect.” If this is truly what Mr. Buttigieg and the administration believe, the trillions they are about to spend will almost certainly end up going less to actual infrastructure needs than some as-yet-to-be defined measure of “equity.”

As for Mr. Buttigieg’s racist highways, he is simply repeating an old progressive article of faith.  These critics believe that the rise of the interstate highway system “prompted ‘white flight’ to the suburbs, while stranding poor minorities in urban neighborhoods disfigured by the highways that bisected them.”

But the truth is more complex than the progressive narrative holds. Flight to the suburbs started long before the interstate highways, as the rise of the automobile gave ordinary Americans the means to indulge their preference for living in small towns over more densely packed cities. Progressives have never liked cars, and it’s surely no coincidence that this bill allocates $165 billion for public transit and rail against only $115 billion to fix and modernize the roads and bridges Americans drive on.

The White House admits only around 5%, or $115 billion, goes to roads and bridges, while Politico reports that the World Economic Forum’s definition of infrastructure, which Mr. Biden cites—roads, mass transit, ports, airports, electricity grids and broadband—covers 37% of the proposal’s $2.3 trillion in outlays.

The other roughly $1.4 trillion includes $100 billion to upgrade and build schools, $174 billion to support electric-car production, $213 billion for public housing, $580 billion for manufacturing initiatives and so forth.

Ten billion dollars for a Civilian Climate Corps that’ll employ every Greta Thunberg wannabe under the banner of “infrastructure spending” won’t go over well. Nor will spending $400 billion for elder-care services, something demanded by the Service Employees International Union, which endorsed Mr. Biden in the primaries. We love grandma and grandpa, but they’re not infrastructure.

Sculacciata all’aperto

Google translates ‘spanking outdoors’ as Sculacciata all’aperto.

Hell, Yes, we have been spanked outdoors. Other blogs show pictures of someone else being spanked. We show us being spanked. We don’t wish for things, we make them happen. Here’s a few I found in the vault.

Our backyard and the camera is not on a tripod.

On our deck, a very private backyard

Canyonlands NP

Jeep trail in Canyonlands

Alabama Hills in CA

The Maze District of Canyonlands

Another time in the Alabama Hills

A couple doing a switching at a party. Yes, there were a few folks watching this Sunday morning event.









Getting The Switch

Bacall and I were recipients of the switch. We know the terror of being told to go outside and get a good one. It is nothing either of us cares to relive. I have known a few women who loved the ritual of cutting their own switch and have their bottoms and legs stung and marked with a switch.

I prefer to use a thin green switch, in fact, several as they would be destroyed before I finished.

I think the following picture is remarkable. I see a middle-aged woman living out a fantasy. At about age 44 women of my generation became bold and acted on what they wanted.

The picture has the ever-popular element of being nude outside where you could be discovered. [I say so what if you are caught. You are not doing anything illegal]

PS, please don’t comment on her boobs, they have nothing to do with the switching. I love the look in her eyes.

Of course, it can also be an indoor activity.

One more

This And That

Corporations don’t pay taxes. They are vehicles for collecting taxes that are ultimately paid by some combination of customers in higher prices, workers in lower wages, and shareholders in lower returns on investment.
Lower corporate tax rates result in higher wages. Higher after-tax profits mean more corporate investment, which means more productive workers, whom companies can afford to pay more.
Are capitalism and free markets the reasons for income inequality? Or are misguided government interventions to blame?” John Cochrane, an economist and senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution quickly rattles off poor schools, occupational licensing, land-use rules, and disincentives to work as examples of things that keep people down.
“The teachers union has become the biggest obstacle to up- ward mobility and to breaking the cycle of poverty for poor and minority students.”
Occupational licensing is a nice way to say job restriction. Around 1,100 occupations, involving close to a quarter of U.S. workers, require licenses. For doctors and lawyers this might make sense, but for many low-skilled jobs, it’s a huge barrier and a root of inequality. Hair braiding in Mississippi used to require 300 hours of training and a license in “wigology” until workers fought back. It’s now a $25 fee.
Land-use restrictions might actually be a bipartisan effort to drive up home prices—the rules keep housing supply from keeping up with demand—but progressives have been heaping on regulations. Try getting a natural-gas hookup in many California cities. The California Energy Commission’s solar mandate adds $9,500 to the cost of the average new home. And don’t try using your own kitchen to sell cupcakes or creole. You’ll run into a goats-head soup of restrictive laws.
Disincentives to work include welfare payments that exceed what can be earned from working.
Speaking of economic freedom – look down this list to see where the US is.

Being a lifeguard in California can be unbelievably lucrative. If we had only known, many of us would have packed our bags and headed west for a career on the California beach. found that lifeguards make a fortune in Los Angeles County. Seven lifeguards made more than $300,000 and 82 lifeguards had total earnings that exceed $200,000 in 2019, the latest year available.

Does this give you a clue on why CA taxes are the highest the US?

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.”
Churchill – The River War
Note, nothing has changed
Disaffection, racism and misogyny – really?
Former President Barack Obama released a statement on the Boulder shooting saying recent killings are being driven by “disaffection, racism and misogyny” — despite Colorado officials identifying the gunman who slaughtered 10 inside a grocery store as mentally ill.
The shooters brother told the Daily Beast he was “very anti-social” and suffered from paranoia and possible mental illness.
But other recent mass shootings were committed out of religious zeal — which went unmentioned by Obama — by radicalized Muslim Americans whose families recently immigrated to the United States.
Barack Obama has been labeled ‘a racial arsonist’ by Tucker Carlson, with the Fox News host accusing the former president of emerging only to foment societal tension. Carlson said that the former president ‘took a break from becoming one of the richest men in the world’ to weigh in.  ‘More than any other contemporary American leader, Barack Obama is a racial arsonist,’ said Carlson. ‘He emerges at our most vulnerable moments to deepen the wounds that divide us. He sows hate.’

Handjobs – WTF

In Animal House there is a scene where a couple is parking and she puts on white gloves to give him a handjob. I see the humor in that as it was not too far removed from the tentative sexual mores of those times. Or at least what a good girl was supposed to be like.

I have always enjoyed a handjob. In my old age, I have learned that handjobs take forms I never imagined. Edging – getting close, and then stopping several times. OK, prolongs the fun. Ruined, she takes her hand off just before he cums, he squirts but does not orgasm. Why the heck a guy would want that is beyond me. A variation is holding in his squirt with her finger.

Then we have slapping or whipping the cock. Gads.

Or how about a handjob where she wears rubber kitchen gloves?

Some men of the FLR type want to be locked in cock cages and only be free when their mistress allows that.  I can not relate to that for him or her.



Here is an illustration that seems to be popular. The caption is below.

Panties, cock cage, he gets let out once a month for a handjob from his wife, but he only has 60 seconds or, maybe next month.

I guess this means some men are not comfortable being men.

In masturbation clips I have seen, the women’s face may be shown or be completely or partially hidden. The man’s face is never shown. The man is usually quiet, but the women may doing the moaning. WTF?

I think I would prefer the white gloved handjob in Animal House to some of these.