Spanked In Front Of Others

Women attending At Rocky Horror presentations literally lined up for their wack with a boat paddle in front of a theatre audience.

Public spankings happened at almost every party we attended. I have posted pictures of some of them in the past.

Here we have the wife of a state supreme court justice, Bacall, an attorney, and a CPA in a skit in front of over a dozen folks.

Bacall and I have played with other couples and other women in a threesome when everyone spanked and got spanked. It was always more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Turning fantasy into reality is a unique ability of humans Why waste it?

Wacked In The Store

Most spanko’s, yes I persist in using that term, are too private or timid or discrete or something to try out a spanking implement in a store. We have not been.

In a store in Coconut Grove, Bacall bent over the counter while I helped her decide on a slapper. There was another couple looking at vibrators. They gave us a look, but they were holding a vibrator big enough for a hippo with flashing lights on it.

In a store in Pensacola Bacall was wearing shorts. She gave her exposed thigh a wack with a slapper. A vanilla gf was with her and asked her why the hell did she do that?

In an Atlanta store, Bacall checked out how a slapper with a steel “enforcer” stitched in it worked on me. It worked fine and we bought it. For $40 I wanted to know how it felt.

Life tries to put all sorts of restrictions on us. Damned if I am going to add any of my own. Live free. 

The Brits Are Nuts

‘Each man calls barbarism whatever is not his own practice’ – Michel de Montaigne

Every American knows that the proper implement for spanking is a wood paddle. The Brits favor slippers, plimsols, canes, and carpet beaters. I shake my head in wonderment at the latter.

Now I find that some Brits get off on watching gals in rubber boots – wellies – wading through mud. <==See the link This proves that humans can have a fetish on anything.

Wellies, Jodphurs and a Cane

And what’s with their obsession with green and navy panties? err knickers

Such a turn-off

And they also get off on women in jodhpurs.

Well OK, maybe jodhpurs are not so bad in moderation

Ever wonder what teenage girls do in their rooms, besides rubbing one out