What a happy spankette! Another MOAP. She reminds me of a gal I used to paddle – a size 2 with a bubble butt. I would sometimes ask her to pick a paddle. She would always hand me one just a bit smaller than this one.

Not a chocolate bar, carved wood. Yummy.

Another MOAP. Did you ever sign a paddle?

Sometimes the teacher gets the wood.

Seems effective

Beautiful eyes

Always like to see a gal holding a paddle to be used on her or me. Makes no difference.

The fireplace reminds me of a cabin we rented in Georgia mountains. But, I think this is from a commercial shoot. Another MOAP.


Another picture post. I hope a few of them are fresh to you and the rest are good to see again.

Looks like Mom wants to continue this chat in the bedroom

Mom knows how to use the hairbrush. Fast and furious.

You think she learned her lesson? I don’t either.

Is that rub before or after a spanking?

After spanking

Maybe she got a little too sassy and was attended to on vacation.

The after spanking exam

Looking Back

Health issues have interrupted our spankings the last several months. So I will take a moment and reflect on our spanking years. Since my activity is limited I have time to recline in my chair and type these words that appear on the 80″ on the wall.

As far as I know, OBB is the only blog about a couple that spanks one another. There are other couples that switch with each other. We have met a few of them. But, they are rare.

We have been at it all our married lives. It was a rocky start and that is all on me. Call it toxic masculinity.

After I forced myself to say what I wanted, rather than expecting her to read my mind,  she did the same thing and we made good progress.

When we attended our first spanking party we made a break through. I was spanking some gal and Bacall came in the room interrupted us and excitedly lead me to another room where a woman` was being spanked. Bacall had discovered leather.

Wood was too much for her and she had discovered a substitute. We acquired several leather straps to warm her nates. A hot button of hers is to be taken in a walk in closet and get a belting leaning over my arm followed by forceful fucking on the carpet. Is that TMI?

Originally our spanking sessions were for one or the other of us. She liked it that way. One day she would get spanked and I would wait until the day to get my bottom reddened. Who ever went second got a day’s worth of teasing.

Somewhere along the line she initiated what she call Joint Action Sessions. I would usually spank her and after a short interlude for her to compose herself she would put the wood to me. When it was my turn, she was either partially sexually satisfied or hotter than a fox. It depended on the day.

My go to paddling position is bent over. I am usually over the bed as we both want the bed close by when my paddling is over. When she overpowers me, I take a break and stand up and embrace, kiss and fondle her. My tongue usually reaches far down her throat as I reach around and kneed her bottom. She returns my kisses and fondles my boner.

We keep these breaks to one or two minutes as my bottom will go numb if we take much longer. And I relish a hot sting, not a thud. So I bend back over and stick my bottom out for the paddle. I normally recoil from each lick and she waits a second for me to get back in position and unclench my cheeks.

In my old age 18 to 24 licks on the bare is more than adequate for me. If I want more, I just need to stay in position and she will happily accommodate me.

I don’t need to look in a mirror back to know there is a white hot circle on both cheeks.

In the last decade, she has developed a fondness for wood. Not the principals paddle I enjoy, but she has one she really likes and occasionally she will ask for another really stingy wood one. If I am done paddling her and she needs more she asks for a few more licks.

We know which paddles we like and those are the ones that get used on us and in the way we want them used. Some need to submit to having what the spanker chooses. OK,  but that is not us. Sometimes we get out the paddles we want to feel a day before. It a tonic for the mind to see them out and know what is coming.

While I am usually bent over the bed, I also enjoy bending over the back of a low chair, the dining room table, a low table or my desk.

Bacall gets most of her paddlings laying over my lap while I am seated on the bed. She also likes to put her knees on a couch and bend over the back. Downward dog is good. Bent over a log or large rock outside is even better.

Donna Morefield

Donna was from Zanesville, OH, 39 at the time. She knew everything about percussion play. She told us so.  She worked as a cake decorator at a supermarket. She did a fine job on a spanking-themed cake for a party.

She identified as a switch, but her interests I came to understand leaned to spanking guys for tribute. She had been a mistress to a Key West attorney. He was married to a cartel woman whose family imported drugs. He had been a swimming star in college. One morning he was found floating in a motel pool. Oops, meal ticket cancelled. Anyway, that was the story as Donna told it.

I wrote last month about how vanilia I am. I like to paddle women. I like to be paddled by women. I have a panty fetish. That’s it.

Donna was quick to inform me that my interests would expand. Hmmm. I had the same fascination with spanking as I did as a teen and now it was 20 years later. Same interests. Now 20+ years farther along and still no change. Donna I guess you were wrong.