Biden and Nothingness

The revolution devours its children. And like clockwork, the progressive mob has set on K y r s t e n Sinema.

Her refusal to bow to the left’s price tag and timeline has incensed colleagues and activists alike. So the party member has now officially been declared an enemy of the party cause—fair game for the tactics the left long ago honed for use against the right.

“We’re committed to birddogging” Ms. Sinema, vowed Our Revolution Executive Di- rector Joseph Geevarghese to Politico this week. “We’re going to make her life unpleasant or uncomfortable” until she follows orders.

Until she follows orders!

Legs Up

Here I go again.

Wanna Be Doms imagine that humiliation plays an important part of spanking. They think the legs up position has to be the ultimate spanking position to induce humiliation.

Bull Shit!

I have never found a woman to be at all humiliated by having her legs held up. If the man does it just to have a peek, I think he is the one who should feel humiliated. He should be focused on ensuring the spanking is to her needs not in having a peek. I have heard from too many women about men they played with that were far more interested in sex than than spanking them.

I like the position as 1) It allows me to have eye contact with her. 2) She can see the paddle, cane etc. descending.

A clever and unique piece of furniture

Growing Up Jim – IV

This the fourth of a series by a regular reader.

I know I never told you about my GF’s only two discipline spankings.  I honestly cannot remember what she had done to warrant either spanking.  I do remember they were strictly her idea and done at her request sometime in her mid-20’s.  By this time we had been using spanking as sexual foreplay for about 5 years and had our own paddle (I have sent you a photograph previously). I described mom’s spanking procedure in detail and after some self-deliberation; she decided she deserved a paddle / belt spanking.

I told her that mom’s spankings were much more painful and severe than anything we had ever done and that the paddle mom used was considerably more “stingy” than ours – “OK, I deserve it” was her response and asked me to use mom’s paddle if I could get it.  Since we lived close by, a visit to mom’s house did not arouse any suspicion and neither did my trip to the basement to retrieve a tool (along with the paddle). I wondered what mom would have said (or done!) if she caught me snitching the paddle.  I think I told you that the last spanking I got from my mom was when I was 27.

By the time I had retrieved mom’s paddle it was a few days after GF’s initial request.  I announced that I had everything needed and asked if she still wanted me to spank her.  She said yes, but requested that we wait until Friday night so she would not have to sit all day at work on the following day – I agreed.

Friday night came and following dinner she suggested that we both take a shower and then I should spank her.

We showered together with a minimum of inappropriate touching and then retired to the bedroom where she had set out a wooden chair with mom’s paddle and my widest leather belt lying on the seat.

She stripped out of her bathrobe and bent over the chair and simply said, “I’m ready for my spanking.”  I swatted her fanny with the paddle which drew a short gasp – “Is that as hard as your mom spanks you?” she demanded.  “I want a spanking like your mom would give you!”, so I proceeded to land 20+ very firm swats on her bare bottom which left her gasping and shedding a few tears.

A minute later she had composed herself and said she was ready for the belt.  I had never delivered as hard a spanking as I just had and her fanny looked very red when I started with the belt.  It was much redder when I finished and marked with triangles where the belt tip had landed.  She was crying freely when she stood up and thanked me for spanking her.  Sore bottom or not, she was very aroused and we retired to bed with her on top and me rubbing her hot, tender bottom for the duration.  She wore the little triangular marks for 2 days before they faded in time for her to go back to work on Monday.

Her second disciplinary spanking was essentially a copy of this one, except she toyed with the idea of getting a belt / switch spanking until I delivered one stroke of a switch onto her bare fanny as a demonstration – she decided that a paddle / belt spanking was all she really deserved. Again, I don’t remember her perceived offense which warranted her second discipline spanking.

These two spankings must have really “taught her” better behavior since it has been almost 40 years since she “deserved a spanking” for discipline.  There have been a lot of spankings for both her and me since then; always bare, usually with a paddle and always followed by sex of some variety which ended in orgasm for both of us.  “The ultimate purpose of a spanking is pleasure!” – even for bad girls.  

This is a photo of our very first paddle.  This is the one that I made specifically at Wendys request 40 or so years ago and the only one that she has ever liked to be applied to her bare bottom.  For her, it is my hand or this paddle and neither one in too great a quantity or force – a just barely blushing fanny is what she likes. 

This paddle was hastily made using some 1/8″ peg board covered on both sides with artist’s matte board, taped around the edges, hand lettered and decorated with a photo of a spankable female bottom cut out from a Playboy magazine.

I never noticed this before, but “fannies” is misspelled on this paddle!

Usually, when it is brought out there are other things on our minds…..and proof reading is not one of them! I am amazed that Wendy has never noticed it – she is a stickler for spelling.

This picture shows the 3 paddles which we use – these are the ones which have withstood the test of time. We have tried other implements over the years but have always returned to paddles after brief experiments with other things. 

From left to right:

This is a “fly back” paddle – the 50’s & 60’s kid’s toy which supposedly developed kids’ eye / hand co-ordination by hitting a small rubber ball attached by a rubber band to one side of the paddle.  As a general rule, the rubber band broke quickly and the resulting paddle was usurped by a parent and used to refine their eye / fanny co-ordination on their kid’s bottoms.

Wendy and I bought this when we were in our early 30’s at a yard sale for a quarter from a middle aged couple – the woman looked at us somewhat knowingly and blushed (flushed maybe?) a bit during the sale – she had to make change for us – we always wondered how many times this paddle had smacked her or their bare bottoms! I think Wendy and the older woman had that female radar thing going on and they both knew exactly what that paddle had been, and would be, used for! Why they were selling it?…I guess they found something that they liked better.  Or, maybe they put it in the sale just to see who would buy it, perhaps if purchased by an acquaintance or close by neighbor they could develop a relationship later.  I did notice that the woman pointed us out to her husband as we were leaving – something was definitely up! 

By the time we bought this, I was being paddled as least as frequently as Wendy, and frequently we would both be paddled in a single session.  I initiated this purchase at the garage sale, since our first paddle was not really stingy enough for me – this was undoubtedly the very best 25 cent investment we have ever made! 

This is the same model as utilized by my mother in my youth, except this one has been modified for “variety”. As shown on the side which is up in the photo – I found a piece of heavy tanned leather and glued it to one side of the paddle.  This added a bit of weight to the paddle and provides a choice for the spanker – leather on one side, wood on the other.  Both sides sting – I maintain that the leather side stings a bit less than the wood side.

This paddle is too intense for Wendy, it is for me only and always has been.  It is kind of cool in that Wendy can “secretly” change paddles during a session by simply flipping the paddle in her hand which adds an element of surprise – I like it!

The center white paddle is our original.

On the right is an oak paddle which I made about 15 years ago. I did not set out to make a paddle, but sometimes things happen – happy accidents so to speak.  I had recently purchased a power planer and was practicing on some scrap oak left over from some project.  I started with a piece of 1x oak and had planed it down to about 3/8″ – 5/16″ thickness.  As is the case with much handheld power plane work, the thickness is not perfectly even – so this piece of wood tapers a bit.

I was about to toss the wood into my kindling pile when my active mind envisioned a paddle!  Cutting to shape, gluing of pine grips, further shaping and sanding followed and this paddle was born. Pine grips and a red oak paddle – soft on the hand, hard on the red fanny – that’s how it should be!

This is a side view of the oak paddle showing the taper and grips.This paddle has a LOT of sting (at least as measured by MY built insting-o-meter).  Soon after I finished this paddle, I presented it to Wendy andrequested a 50 swat spanking – she complied, I stuck it out, but it was too much.  Since that time we still use it occasionally, but just fewer swats.

Two of these paddles got used on me last Sunday night – I had requested (and got) a repeat of my last birthday’s spanking – 21 by hand; 21 with the fly back paddle; and 21 with the oak paddle – all bare as always! It is unusual for us to change paddles in the middle of a spanking but it added some interest back on my birthday and was worth a repeat.  As usual, other activities followed my spanking.

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Many spankos live in fear of being discovered. Some even resist saying the word spank and substitute TTWD. It must be a burden to carry around so much guilt about what they relish doing or would relish if they could come out of their shell.

Spanking is not illegal. In fact, if you told your vanilla friends that you liked spanking they would say You call that a kink? Spanking is mainstream. You don’t think so? Browse Vanilla Spanking and see how many plays have spanking scenes.

This is from a guy who is on the extreme end of paranoia about being found out. On a spanking forum, his name is E and his icon is Alfred E. Neuman.

… you will find that I am steadfastly anonymous, and private about my spanking fetish in all walks of life. My wife and I are licensed professionals, and letting the cat out of the bag concerning this thing we do could and probably would spell professional doom. This aspect of my life has to remain strictly compartmentalized and in the closet. Also, my wife is too private to participate on the forum, even anonymously. But I mention her incessantly because she is the most important aspect of my spanko marriage. I wish I could get her to participate, but it just is not going to happen.

Licensed huh? Bacall was licensed. I had a security clearance for years. We met well over 200 people who were like us. Never had any fears.

Adm note: We will be home in 2 or so weeks. I will be able to get back to posting more frequently and with more pictures for you lecherous sorts.

Strick Julie

Strick Julie may be the most popular spanking blog around today. At least among men. She recently wrote that her blog will be more about her being submissive. Maybe, but what stands out to me, is her being dominant.

She seems to be able to press every submissive male hot bottom, some that I did not know even existed. It’s remarkable to me that a female sub is able to function so exquisitely well as a female dominate.

She is a good writer, but sometimes goes a little too long for me. Politically we are aligned. I like that she takes on the liberals and trounces them. I suspect she has studied the law. For a Canadian she has a firm grasp of the American political system, so she has studied US Constitutional Law.

But let’s talk about spanking.

This is a picture Julie posted that was supposed to be her. Quite delectable. I would like to see a few more and I would be assured that it is her.

In a recent post, she and her sister Sue paddled David. Julie introduced a new character, Amanda, as her sister’s new roommate who came along to watch.

Well that’s a hot scene to me. After the paddling David is sent to his room and Julie later rheems him with her dildo. Well if that’s what he likes. Me? I am into more immediate gratification. No waiting.

I understand that since her sister is lesbian acts of hetro sex would be off the table as being offensive to her.

Here’s how I would change the scene. First, I would play David. Bacall would play Julie. Bacall’s best friend Beth and I would paddle Bacall.

Then they would paddle me. The finale would be that Bacall bends over and I plant my flag in her and feel her hot bottom on my thighs. Beth and I would then play “May I have another” until I was close to squirting when she would place a finger on my rosebud to cause me to have a few extra spasms.

I realize this might be a good ending for Bacall as I would be so hard a cat could not scratch it and I might be done before her. Simultaneous orgasms are great, but sometimes it will be all about one person.

Sequel: Bacall would not object to my having my way with Beth, but some time, perhaps months, even years she would pull that arrow from her quiver and I would bleed. Best that Beth have her own partner. With four in the mix, Beth could be paddled by Bacall, her partner and me.

It’s Friday and You Are Getting Paddled

Wow, four posts this week. You folks are so blessed.

Evil Auntie

Care to go a few rounds with her and her paddle? Than you can paddle her for her messy room.

Well it sure like the paddle is having an effect on him.

Another guy that is so looking forward to a hot bottom

Reminds me of Betty Draper (January Jones) Who would not like to have a go with her? Stocking Tops!

Pervertables at the Habitat ReStore

Bogey & Bacall,

Wendy and I took a short trip to coastal southeast Florida recently to visit our daughter.  As usual, when we vacation and see a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, we stop in just to browse. This trip was no exception.

Some ReStores are stocked with junk which is not worthy of a second glance; ReStores located in coastal Florida are a definite exception – wealthy residents produce very nice hand-me-downs usually in excellent condition.

As we entered the store there was a volunteer stocking shelves from a small cart. Among the items in his cart was a smallish cheese serving board (I think that was the intended use), to me it screamed “paddle”.  Made from some light wood, about 3/8” thick, oval shaped “business end”, a little long for OTK but certainly suitable for a bent over spankee’s bottom – shaped very similar to the paddle shown in your “My Dream” post except the handle was a bit wider.

I saw the volunteer put the cheese board into an end aisle display bin in the kitchen items department; I noted the location for later in our visit.

Kitchen items were stocked on a series of shelves which ended near one of the exterior walls leaving a walkway so one could walk around the shelf ends into the next aisle when shopping. So the kitchen department aisles had a very public end and a fairly private end within the shelf layout.

There were a few other customers in the ReStore at this time, one couple in particular caught my eye because they actually had a shopping list – they appeared to be snowbirds that had just arrived and needed some specific items for their winter lodging. They were working methodically through the kitchen section and picking up their finds.  Early 60’s, not country club types, more like nicely aging Junior Leaguers, too pale to have been in Florida for very long.

I wandered back toward the bin where the cheese board had been placed – it was gone!  Oh well, we have a good supply of paddles already…..

I continued down one of the aisles in the kitchen section and got to the “private end” of the aisle just as the husband of the snowbird couple tilted his basket around the end of the shelves and showed the items to his wife who was facing away from me – the “cheese board” was right on top!  She glanced left and right as though checking for any witnesses – then she rubbed her fanny and nodded “yes”. She checked, but I saw her, her husband did not see me as he was still in his aisle, probably smiling ear to ear.

As we were headed out of the door a few minutes later, I met the woman……….. I could not resist, I said, “Enjoy your stay.”, then winked and patted my own bottom – she blushed scarlet! Just as I suspected, that cheese board will be put to an alternate use in the very near future. Hers? His? Both?  I gave her a thumbs-up and continued out the door.  I can imagine what she said to her husband.

It reminded me of the time, years ago, when Wendy and I bought our Fli-Back paddle at a garage sale and the older female seller knew exactly how it was going to be used. Wendy was also flushed when she got into our car that day – “Oh my God, she knows we bought this for spankings!”  My reply was, “Only on bare bottoms!”

Ya’ just never know what you’ll see at the ReStore!



We parked in a remote location. Amazingly we have a cell signal. We are perched at 9,400 feet over the Cathedral Valley in Capital Reef NM in Utah. It’s a special place. Few even know of it.

I wanted to do at least one post this week. Here a smorgasbord of a dozen images depicting women getting spanked.

The effects of the evil bath brush
Belinda seems to be a bit bored
It was Diana’s birthday, and her boyfriend knew how to arouse her. Diana gasped with delight as his caresses alternated with licks of his belt across her out-thrust buttocks. Soon she was as wet as fuck and begging for him to take her.

The evil bath brush again

This could be photoshopped for all I know. What makes it interesting to me is Grandma in the background.

Father/Daughter? Real?
Father/Daughter? Birthday Spanking? Who is in the foreground?
Fun on the balcony. Note her arm is totally relaxed