It’s Spring Already

It’s Spring! Show me some freaking sunshine. Spring days came here two weeks back and retreated. Grumble.

Pulling Her Panties Down has remained the most viewed post for several months. It was posted two years ago, but took off last fall.  Lots of guys searching for panties I suppose. Well this post has the same theme, but only regular readers will see it as the post title is about Spring, not panties. Not that there is a damn thing wrong with pulling her panties down and exposing her cheeks to some sunshine.

Properly attired in white panties and a slip

This happens to Bacall at least once a week

Yep, that right, pull that schoolgirls panties right down

Dreams come true – for both

Another schoolgirl getting her comeuppance what she wants.

Some need to do this as part of the scene



BLM’s Incredible Funding

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and related causes received an astonishing $82.9 billion from corporations.

“As a point of reference, $82.9 billion is more than the GDP of 46 African countries. In 2022, the Ford Motor Company’s profits were $23 billion.”

The list reveals that several popular corporations from a wide range of different industries supplied the movement with large sums of cash. Walmart, for example, which is based in Arkansas, gave a whopping $100 million in support of BLM and related causes focusing on “racial equity.” Amazon gave even more, supplying the movement with an astonishing $169.5 million. Silicon Valley Bank gave the movement $73.45 million.

If you want to read the whole article.

Afro-American Studies

“Professor Leonard Jeffries, head of the Afro-American Studies Department at City College, New York, taught that whites were biologically inferior to blacks, that Jews financed the slave trade, and that the ‘ultimate culmination’ of the ‘white value system’ was Nazi Germany.

Jeffries’ students were informed that white genes were deformed in the Ice Age, producing an inadequate supply of melanin, which in turn made whites capable of appalling crimes, while black genes were enhanced by ‘the value system of the sun.’

Other self-evident truths were unveiled by Professor Becky Thompson, head of the Women’s Studies Department at Brandeis University—the college named after the first Jew to attain the Supreme Court—who described to a meeting of the American Sociological Association her teaching methodology: ‘I begin the course with the basic feminist principle that in a racist, classist and sexist society we have all swallowed oppressive ways of being, whether intentionally or not. Specifically, this means that it is not open to debate whether a white student is racist or a male student is sexist. He/ she simply is. Rather, the focus is on the social forces that keep these distortions in place.”

— A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

The link will take you his book.

Lighter Stuff

“In the 1920s, Dorothy Parker (1893–1967) had created for herself a special upper-class accent of her own—a special little drawl that was very attractive’—and used it to become the first American woman who could swear with impunity and make sexual wisecracks:
‘She hurt her leg sliding down a barrister;’
‘She wouldn’t hurt a fly—Not if it was buttoned up;’
‘We were playing ducking for apples—There, but for a typographic error, is the story of my life;’
‘If all the girls at a Yale prom were laid end-to-end, I wouldn’t be at all surprised;’
‘She speaks eighteen languages and can’t say no in any of them’—and so forth.”

— A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

Going Green – Lithium Batteries

E-bike lithium-ion batteries have already ignited 25 fires within New York City limits this year, killing at least two and injuring 36.

Doctor, My Ass

The only people that rate being referred to as doctor have an MD. Lawyers have a doctorate, but no one calls them doctor. Countless people have a doctorate in many disciplines. Seems those who have a doctorate in education are the only ones that refer to themselves with the honorific. I guess they need the boost as they know their phony-baloney paper is worthless.

Dr Jill

I am more than just a white racist

Students at Auburn University (just down the road from us) came up with seven pages of names for honkies.

They call them Creaker names. I had to look that up.  Creaker is slang for an old white man.

Women are not left out – they might be called Klux Klux Karen.

Pick your creaker name.

Auburn is a different place now.

You Still Here?

I wrote this in 2009. It still rings true.

Liberalism has become a philosophy of Western suicide


Some of this and that and not one thing connected to spanking.

A fine elixer

If she can still do this, she is fit

Sometimes you can can not suppress the urge

This is a mobile penis in Libya, They think it is penetrating an evil sprit. I know damn well I have tangled with a few evil spirits along the way.

Damn Cats

She is happy. Take a cue from her and enjoy the weekend.

Highly Spankable

Leading off with one stolen from Wolfie Tunes. Two teens enjoying an afternoon at the pool. It sure brings back memories.

I spent my summers on the river with a half dozen others my age. And yes, there were playful spankings on wet bikinis and sometimes, at night, on the bare.


Bacall is well known for kicking her feet

Car spanking don’t stop just because you have a house.



What Am I Reading?

These balanced rocks are at the Cairo airport. I have no idea how the effect is done.

I am still chewing on one of the best histories I have ever read. A History of the American People by Paul Johnson.

I only thought I knew American history. Every few pages I learn a new nugget. I am addicted to reading it.

I have commented before that part of the culture problem the US is now experiencing is collectively we don’t know much about our history – how did we get to where we are. If you lack that, it’s easy to throw stones.

I suggest that 60 years of soft courses and the influence of teachers unions have resulted not in the practical education of students, but the prevention knowledge.

I just read a review of a two part series on Antonin Scalia. I ordered Scalia: Rise to Greatness By James Rosen.  I hope I live long enough to be around for the second of the series.

With this many books in the queue, I need to turn the Internet off and read.

Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love
Mike Pompeo
Soldiers’ Pay
William Faulkner
Remnants of Ancient Life: The New Science of Old Fossils
Dale E. Greenwalt
Reading the Glass: A Captain’s View of Weather, Water, and Life on Ships
Elliot Rappaport
The Hard Road Out: One Woman’s Escape From North Korea
Jihyun Park, Sehlynn Chai
The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic
Mike Duncan
Con/Artist: The Life and Crimes of the World’s Greatest Art Forger
Tony Tetro, Giampiero Ambrosi
Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives
Siddharth Kara
Prisoners of the Bashaw: The Nineteen-Month Captivity of American Sailors in Tripoli, 1803–1805
Frederick C. Leiner
High: A Journey Across the Himalaya, Through Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, and China
Erika Fatland
Rough Sleepers: Dr. Jim O’Connell’s urgent mission to bring healing to homeless people
Tracy Kidder
History of Christianity
Paul Johnson
Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior
Ric Prado
Flora Macdonald: “Pretty Young Rebel”: Her Life and Story
Flora Fraser
The Scythian Empire: Central Eurasia and the Birth of the Classical Age from Persia to China
Christopher I. Beckwith
Demetrius: Sacker of Cities (Ancient Lives)
James Romm
The Secret Listener: An Ingenue in Mao’s Court
Yuan-Tsung Chen
Modern Times Revised Edition: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties
Paul Johnson
My Detachment: A Memoir
Tracy Kidder
Blood, Fire & Gold: The Story of Elizabeth I & Catherine de Medici
Estelle Paranque
Too Big for a Single Mind: How the Greatest Generation of Physicists Uncovered the Quantum World
Tobias Hürter
The Myth of American Inequality: How Government Biases Policy Debate
Phil Gramm, Robert Ekelund, John Early
Saddam Hussein’s Ba’th Party: Inside an Authoritarian Regime
Joseph Sassoon
Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West
Raymond Ibrahim
Defenders of the West: The Christian Heroes Who Stood Against Islam
Raymond Ibrahim
The Biggest Ideas in the Universe: Space, Time, and Motion
Sean M. Carroll
The Harvest of War: Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis: The Epic Battles that Saved Democracy
Stephen P. Kershaw

Dick Etiquette

Men, you don’t take it out and squirt on her. You would not be here if men were supposed to take it out. Maybe you watched too many porn flicks and think the Money Shot is the way to do it.

Women, you never slap the dick or pull it backwards.

Women, you don’t twist the dick like it’s in a carwash. Soft, gentle and passionate.

Women, after he comes, it’s hands off.

There is no need to ever stick a dick through a hole in a wall, etc.

When giving a handjob, you don’t deep breath and moan like it’s you that going to cum.

Men, several orgasms a week is supposed to be good for your prostate.

Women, always allow time for morning wood.